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Volk®1 Single-Use Vitrectomy Lenses

Volk®1 Single Use vitrectomy lenses deliver high resolution direct image retinal views, in a convenient sterile, single use design. No sterilization is required. They are packaged individually in an easy to use peel pack.

Available in 6 popular styles, these lenses provide the retinal views you require of all procedures with direct image vitrectomy lenses. They are fitted with a silicone stabilizing ring, eliminating the need for a suture ring or other lens holding device.

  • Flat or Flat SSV® – your go-to lens for views of the posterior pole
  • Magnifying – to visualize central retinal pathology in greater detail
  • Wide Field – for wider field views than the standard flat lens
  • Bi-Concave – for Air Fluid Exchange (AFX) procedures
  • 30° Prism – to provide off-axis retinal views


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