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Surgical BIO Lenses

Volk offers both single use (Volk®1) and steam autoclaveable (ACS®) versions for use in the operating room. Volk®1 Single Use Surgical BIO Lenses offer the convenience and sterility assurance of a single-use, non-contact BIO lens made with the highest quality Volk lens optics. These lenses offer unmatched imaging and minimal glare for retinal examination and laser photocoagulation pre- & post op by LIO. Additionally, they do away with cumbersome and costly intra-facility reprocessing of durable medical devices by mitigating extensive bulk lens reprocessing effort, time and cost. For a reusable lens in your surgical environment, choose the Autoclave Sterilizable (ACS®) BIO lenses. Made with a special high quality Permaview® glass, these lenses can withstand the rigors of repeated sterilization.

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