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Pictor Plus - News

Pictor Plus In The Media

See where Volk’s Pictor Plus has been written about in the media. Click the links below for interesting stories, user experiences, and current practices with Pictor Plus.

July 2016 – Screening for Glaucoma Using Portable Technology

Dr Paula Newman-Casey of University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center, on a glaucoma screening trip to Nepal saw 221 patients, and compared Volk’s 1st-generation portable fundus camera Pictor to a desktop Topcon fundus camera, as well as standard dilated fundus exam in an effort to evaluate portable technologies for use in tele-health situations. See how Pictor performed.

January 2016 – Imaging On The Move

Bill Harvey of Optician Online evaluated the features and imaging capabilities of Pictor Plus. See what they had to say.

November 2015 – Malarial Retinopathy Study (Malawi, Africa)

In this comparison study, three retinal cameras, Pictor Plus, Topcon 50EX, and PEEK were evaluated for their clinical effectiveness in detecting MR against the clinical reference standard of dilated Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy. The study determined the that Pictor Plus provided superior imaging results by comparison to the tabletop fundus camera and the smartphone imager.

September 2015 – Diabetic Eye Journal (UK)

Portable fundus imaging using Volk’s Pictor Plus was the objective of a study to determine its effectiveness for diabetic retinopathy screening in Africa. Volk’s Terry Cooper joined a mission trip initiated by VISION2020 LINKS (London) to the Mulago Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda in April, 2015. The research report below chronicles the team’s approach to portable fundus imaging using the Pictor Plus.

September 9, 2015 – US News & World Report

Ophthalmologists & Oncologists are employing rapidly developing techniques in patient care involving collaborative telemedicine. In the following story, see how doctors at University Hospital’s Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital (Cleveland, OH), Wills Eye Medical Center (Philadelphia, PA), and other US hospitals are engaging in “Doctor On Demand” approaches to treat a wide range of diseases. Pictor Plus has played an integral role in this emerging telemedicine application. Click the link here to read more:

August, 2015 – Optometric Management

In the following story, Kellen Pathroff, OD, a practitioner at Eye Center of the Dakotas in Bismarck, N.D., and Andrew D. Feltz, OD, Clinical Director of Vision Services at OnHealthcare in Westerville, Ohio discuss how they use Pictor Plus outside of the office setting in patient’s homes or at nursing homes. Pictor Plus is very convenient for bedridden patients to image for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

July, 2015 – Ophthalmology Management

In the story below, Dr. David Tasker, M.D., of San Antonio, discusses how he uses Pictor Plus in the treatment of patients in his Ophthalmology practice. Dr. Tasker enjoys educating patients in their pathology by showing them their Pictor Plus retinal images right on a screen in the exam room. Pictor Plus travels with Dr. Tasker wherever he sees patients throughout San Antonio and the state of Texas.