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Volk Eye Check

Part # 18343

Quick Overview

Ocular Measurement Device

Volk Eye Check is a handheld, digital ocular measurement device that captures and fully automates the analysis and display of diagnostic eye measurements in real time. Volk Eye Check is intended to provide objective data to ophthalmic & optometric clinicians to enable smarter, faster decisions. Volk Eye Check can be seamlessly integrated into your environment and work flow, bringing instant value as a simple method for quick, cost-effective ocular measurements.

The Volk Eye Check has applications for fitting contact lenses, measuring lids for oculoplasty, and screening patients for ocular abnormalities like strabismus & ptosis. Volk Eye Check's three convenient software modes for use in ocular measurement:

  • Contact Lens (CL) Mode
    Guides clinician to most appropriate first-choice contact lens via measurement of HVID, pupils, lids, and sagittal height, rather than clinician-preferred lens-to-fit.
  • Oculoplastics (OP) Mode
    Provides accurate measurment of 26 key parameters sash as MRD, aperture, and pupils for clinical and cosmetic lid surgeries.
  • Eye Check (EC) Mode
    Detection and confirmation of strabismus, anisocoria and ptosis. A 21st-century Hirschberg test made simple.

Clinician Benefits

  • Provides objective and repeatable measurements of key eye features –pupil size, iris diameter, lid position, eye aperture, and strabismus angle just to name a few.
  • Provides objective digital documentation of eye features and eye conditions; retention of electronic records and helpful for onward referrals.
  • Reduces inter-clinician variability – standardizes testing & fitting across practices and between clinicians in multi-site environments such as optometry chains and healthcare groups.
  • Contact Lens (CL) Mode reduces trial-and-error in fitting contact lenses by providing the accurate size of irises, pupils, lid position, and pupil eccentricity.
  • Oculoplastic (OP) Mode's convenient report is ideal for approval of surgery in medical insurance submissions.
  • Eye Check (EC) Mode complements and enhances standard examinations, e.g. ‐ cover test; assessment of anisocoria, ptosis, buphthalmos. Particularly helpful when clinician is unsure about strabismus, pupil size, lid position. Can reduce potentially missed conditions.

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Volk Eye Check Contact Lens (CL) Mode

Contact Lens (CL) Mode

Simple. Fast. Accurate.

Volk Eye Check - Contact Lens (CL) Mode provides accurate measurement of the key parameters needed for professional fitting of contact lenses. These measurements are a useful aid in standard and specialty contact lens fitting and optical design.

  • Effectively screens patients whose eye parameters, such as cornea size, pupil size, and pupil position, require non-standard lens parameters and optics.
  • Improves fit of standard and specialty soft and rigid contact lenses by providing accurate and objective data on the following key parameters.
  • Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter (HVID), Vertical Iris Diameter, and Diagonal Iris Diameter
  • Pupil size and pupil size difference
  • Lid positions – pupil center to upper/lower lids for each eye
  • Sagittal height (a.k.a. corneal sag)
  • Pupil eccentricity for each eye

Key Benefits

  • Instantly provides 21 different measurements in a single session to help improve contact lens fittings and optimize chair time.
  • Reduce drop-out rates by quickly pointing to the best fit lens.
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming trial & error of fitting lenses.
  • Help to accurately fit specialty lenses: progressive, RGP, scleral, etc.
  • Easily used by a technician, which improves office work flow by freeing time for the OD or MD.
  • Convenient patient output report in electronic and printable report format.
  • Measurement data is transferable directly to contact lens manufacturers for custom design lenses with optimal fit and optical performance.


Volk Eye Check Oculoplastics (OP) Mode

Oculoplastics (OP) Mode

Documenting Lids & Landmarks

Volk Eye Check Oculoplastics (OP) Mode

Volk Eye Check’s Oculoplastics (OP) Mode analyzes 26 datapoints in under one minute, providing precise binocular capture of
measurements including:

  • Automatic, fast and objective
  • 26 key ocular data points including:
    • MRD1 & MRD2 and two additional points on each lid
    • Palpebral aperture & apertures at limbus
    • Pupil diameter & iris diameter
    • Pupil eccentricity
  • Unique Grid Mode for measure landmarks


In addition, a grid scale provides a convenient way to measure and compare landmarks such as brow position, and Margin Crease Distance.

Key Benefits

  • Objective documentation for medical insurance approval for surgery
  • Convenient tool for documenting pre- and post-op oculoplasty
  • Automatic & objective measurements of 26 ocular data points in under 1 minute
  • Great for blepharochalasis, dermatochalasis, blepharoptosis, and macrocornea




Volk Eye Check (EC) Mode

Eye Check (EC) Mode

Objective data. Faster decisions. Superior care.

Volk Eye Check – Eye Check (EC) Mode can be used as a routine complementary diagnostic and data gathering tool, measurements may be usefully gathered and recorded to track patient ocular health over time. Specific to pediatric patients Volk Eye Check’s consistent outputs provide objective accurate measurements. Ease of use enables quick analysis of uncooperative patients to support other examination methods such as the cover test.

  • Objective documentation of strabismus amplitude
  • Additional data for detection of other abnormalities

Key Benefits

  • Objective documentation of key features such as pupil size, HVID and lid position. Quantifies strabismus angle.
  • Measures and displays the strabismus angle in prism diopters, which is completely unique.
  • Easy to use, easy to read, and quick! 17 different measurements in a single session.
  • Can be operated by anyone, including clinical support staff.
  • Reduces inter-clinician variability.
  • Convenient patient output report in electronic and printable report format.


Accessories Included

The following accessory items are sold with each Volk Eye Check.

  • Carry Case – Hard Shell w/ zipper
  • Cloth Pouch – Microfiber w/ cinch strap
  • Stylus
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adaptor – USB connection
  • AAA Batteries (2)
  • Volk Eye Check Precision Stickers (144 stickers) – Part #: VECSTKR


Volk Eye Check Specifications

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Quick Start Guide (PDF)

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Instructions For Use (PDF)

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