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  • Cleaning Volk Lenses

    When cleaning lenses, a good practice is to rinse under tap water to remove particulate which can scratch the lens coating and glass. A mild detergent and water is ideal to clean the surface.

    Clean your lens one side at a time in a clock wise direction. Cleaning in a counter clock wise direction may loosen the glass element from the ring.

    Do not use micro fiber clothes as they will remove the coating over time.

    Do not air dry your lens as water droplets left on the surface of the lens will case damage to the coating. Clean and Dry with a lint free cotton cloth to avoid damage.

  • High Resolution Ophthalmic Lens Sets Simplify Selection

    Volk groups together most useful lenses for maximum diagnostic power

    Volk Optical has released several ‘Best in Class’ lens sets, packaging together complementary lenses for simple selection and better value. Two sets are available for its Digital non-contact lens series and one set for high resolution contact imaging.

    Volk has grouped together several of its most popular ophthalmic lenses for simple selection and better value.

    HR Lens Set

    Volk’s Digital Series lenses provide the highest resolution for non-contact imaging during both BIO and slit lamp use. The Digital family’s lenses increase general diagnostic capabilities and shorten exam time. The two-lens set includes Volk’s Digital Wide Field®, a 90D power lens with a field of view 40 percent larger than that of a classic 90D, and the Digital High Mag®, for true 3D views of the posterior pole – an upgrade to a classic 78D lens. The three-lens set adds the Digital Clear Field. A hybrid of a 20D and 28D lens, with magnification of a 20D and field of view of a 28D, the Digital Clear Field offers the best of both lenses.

    For diagnostic and laser work, the High Resolution Contact Lens Set brings together two lenses with different strengths to increase diagnostic power: The HR Wide Field and the High Resolution Centralis. The HR Wide Field is the best pan retinal lens for slit lamp use, with views to the far periphery. The high magnification of the HR Centralis provides detailed views of the central retina and posterior pole.

    All lenses are constructed of high grade, low dispersion glass to maintain superior resolution and the best possible image quality. The lens kits provide a better value than purchasing individual lenses. All lens sets can be ordered packaged together in multiple lens cases or individually, at no extra cost. Digital Lenses are also available in a choice of seven different ring colors.

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