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  • Eye Examiner: Fitting Specialty Contact Lenses - Alex Levit

    Eye Examiner Logo

    Volk is starting a new series of “Eye Examiner” posts, getting the thoughts of physicians on the state of vision care, best practices and favorite Volk products. Our first post features Alex Levit BSc (Hons) FCOptom (CL CVP)of Barnard Levit Optometrists (, a fellow of the College of Optometrists specializing in contact lenses and children’s visual problems. In addition to patient care, research and lecturing duties, he has developed a unique contact lens design and fitting system for Keratoconus (ALK™system) and provides optometric expert medico-legal and consulting services to contact lens manufacturers. Below, he shares his thoughts on the Volk Eye Check.


    How has the Volk Eye Check's Contact Lens (CL) Mode changed the way you conduct a contact lens examination?

    The Volk Eye Check provides essential information which streamlines the decision-making process in the contact lens fitting process.

    My ability to communicate the information provided by the Volk Eye Check report directly to the manufacturer optimizes the process by which custom contact lenses are ordered, designed, manufactured and supplied.

    I'm therefore able to devote more time to the physical eye examination, and, based on the information in the VEC report, discuss with patients the most appropriate options for them. Patients become an integral part in the decision-making process.




    What measurements does Volk Eye Check’s CL mode provide that you cannot acquire through traditional CL exam approaches? Which measurements are most important to you?

    All measurements provided by the Volk Eye Check may in principle be acquired by one method or another; the problem is that the acquisition of these measurements is very time-consuming. Additionally, it is a well-known fact that subjective measurements are inherently inaccurate and suffer from not only inter-practitioner, but also intra-practitioner, variability.

    As the Volk Eye Check is deskilled enough to be performed by clinical assistants, there is no burden on professional time and all the measurements are objective and highly repeatable.

    Regarding the importance of measurements, all measurements are important for different uses. For example horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID) and corneal SAG are key measurement for all types of contact lens fitting considerations and calculations. Pupil metrics are essential for the design of the contact lens optical power profile in rigid and soft multifocal lenses. Eyelid position is important in rigid gas permeable translating multifocal lens design and fitting.




    Volk Eye Check’s Best Fit Analysis feature produces a customized report of all of the possible standard and specialty CLs available for each patient. Why is this feature important to you and how has it helped you fit CLs better?

    Almost 30% of eyes would benefit from custom-made contact lenses, the Best Fit Analysis identifies these eyes and in this respect it is not only an invaluable time-saving tool but also an aid in quality decision-making, which improves fitting outcomes.

    When fitting standard contact lenses, it is good to know that these lenses are appropriate in eyes with standard measurements. It is also good to know when these lenses might not perform optimally so that patients can be informed in advance.

    In custom lens fitting, the provision of all the row data and information to contact lens manufacturers enables them to design and manufacture contact lenses which are truly customized to patient's eyes, delivering outstanding results with minimal time demands through trial and error.




    How has the CL mode for Volk Eye Check impacted the bottom line of your practice?

    The considerable time saving has a direct effect on the bottom line. The fitting and supply of specialty products has substantial economic benefits due to increased profitability from specialty products sales, patient's loyalty, practice buildup through recommendations, and reduced loss of market share to the nonprofessional entities such as Internet providers.



    Have you experienced a positive change in the dropout rate of CL patients after using Volk Eye Check?

    I personally did not have a chance to audit dropout rates since using the Volk Eye Check, but it is clear that this technology improves the quality of contact lens practice from the clinical perspective, which must have a beneficial effect on dropout rates.

    It is also important to point out that patient’s participation in the decision-making process during their contact lens experience has enormous benefits as patients better understand and appreciate the intricacy and complexity of contact lens practice and are empowered to become an integral part of this process.


    EXPERT:       Alex Levit, BSc (Hons) FCOptom (CL CVP) ADDRESS:  Zamenhof House, 58 Clifton Gardens, London NW11 7EL EMAIL: WEBSITE:

  • "Volk Eye Check in Practice" in Optician Magazine

    The latest issue of Optician Magazine features an article by Alex Levit of Barnard Levit Optometrists, explaining how his practice uses the Volk Eye Check with Best Fit Analysis to more easily fit multifocal contact lenses (MCLs) and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses.

    VEC Levit intro-picture Photo courtesy of Optician Online

    He illustrates with case studies how the Volk Eye Check’s accurate and repeatable measurement of pupil size, pupil horizontal and vertical eccentricity, HVID, corneal SAG and lid position has made it an “invaluable tool in [his] contact lens practice.”

    Read the full article at here:

  • Volk Optical’s Single Use Laser Lenses Offer Safe, Convenient Imaging

    Volk®1 Capsulotomy and Iridotomy lenses reduce disease transmission and eliminate reprocessing


    Mentor, Ohio (December 10, 2015) – Volk®1 Single Use direct image Capsulotomy and Iridotomy lenses deliver high resolution imaging for laser procedures in a single use design. In Volk1 lenses, the quality of Volk-manufactured optics combine with the safety and convenience of a sterile, single use lens.

    VCAPSD - Angled Contact.VIRIDD - Angled Top

    To minimize disease transmission, regulatory bodies and hospital groups are increasingly mandating single use medical equipment (when available) over reprocessing reusable instruments. Volk1 lenses eliminate the potential for cross-contamination of infectious disease, as well as cumbersome and costly reprocessing. The cost of equipment, labor, and proper disposal of organic solvent disinfectants associated with processing reusable medical equipment outweighs the cost of single use medical equipment.

    Single Use Vitrectomy Lens - Box of 10Volk1-logo

    With a magnification of 1.57x and a .63x laser spot, the Volk1 Capsulotomy lens allows for precise laser beam placement at the capsular bag. For laser iridotomy procedures, the Volk1 Iridotomy lens provides the highest magnification imaging of the peripheral iris at 1.70x, with a .58x laser spot. Volk1 Capsulotomy and Iridotomy lenses come pre-sterilized in boxes of ten lenses, individually sealed in Tyvek pouches. For a limited time, Volk is offering a free sample pack of lenses.

    For more information about Volk1 Single Use lenses and to request a free sample pack, visit, phone Volk direct at +1 440-942-6161, or contact your Authorized Volk Distributor.

  • Volk iNview Captures Wide-Angle Retinal Images with Apple Devices

    Quick and easy fundus imaging using iPhone or iPod


    Mentor, Ohio (December 1, 2015) – Volk Optical’s new iNview harnesses the power of Apple™ devices to easily acquire wide-angle digital color fundus images. The indirect ophthalmoscopic lens attachment is compatible with iPhone® and iPod®, and works in conjunction with the free Volk iNview app to take retinal images for general visualization, patient education, referrals and record retention.


    The Volk iNview is the first Apple-compatible fundus imaging device to overcome the challenges similar instruments have failed to address: field of view, ease of image capture and optical quality. Designed for use with dilated patients, Volk iNview provides a static 50° field of view, with dynamic peripheral retina views out to 80°. The device offers both manual capture and a convenient auto-capture feature. In auto-capture, the Volk iNview app takes a rapid series of images, running a proprietary algorithm to present a collection of the best-focused and defined images for review. The Volk iNview’s custom double-aspheric glass optic is optimized for use with Apple device native cameras. Combining premium optic technology with the Volk iNview app results in the best possible image quality from a mobile device.

    DSC_0221 copy

    The resulting images can be immediately reviewed on-screen with patients for education and treatment plan discussions, appended to medical records for documentation, or forwarded as supplemental information with referrals. Application data is securely encrypted with a user-defined password key, ensuring HIPPA-compliant patient data integrity and security. The jpeg format images can be exported to Mac or PC using the native iOS functionality. The Volk iNview is available in iPhone 5s, 6 and 6s, and iPod Touch (Gen 6) models. A package system that comes with dedicated iPod is also available from Volk, for users who prefer not to use their personal iPhone in practice.


    For more information about Volk iNview, visit, phone Volk direct at +1 440-942-6161, or contact your Authorized Volk Distributor.

  • New Volk Products Coming to AAO 2015

    iPhone fundus camera, disposable capsulotomy and iridotomy lenses, plus oculoplastics tool

    Between the expert education sessions, photo gallery and these exciting new products, Volk’s booth, #4045, is going to be jumping at AAO.  Add in special show-only promotions and we’re betting this will be a show to remember.  Read on to see which products will be making their debuts in Sin City.


    DSC_0156 copyDSC_0257 copy

    Volk inView iPhone Fundus Camera The convenience of an Apple iPhone paired with the quality of Volk optics. Capture and share images with your patient with a 50-degree field of view of the retina. We’re offering $500 off to the first 200 customers at AAO.


    VCAPSD - Angled Contact. VIRIDD - Angled Top

    Volk®1 Single Use Capsulotomy & Iridotomy Lenses Eliminate reprocessing costs and reduce chance of disease transmission without sacrificing quality optics. The Volk®1 Capsulotomy and Volk®1 Iridotomy lenses deliver high-resolution magnified images with a sterile, one-time-use design. While supplies last, we’ll be giving away a FREE sample pack of your choice.


    DSC_0662bOP Eye - Annotated

    Oculoplastics Module for the Volk Eye Check Already popular for its diagnostic power and contact lens fitting capabilities, the Volk Eye Check portable ophthalmic exam tool now has a dedicated module for oculoplastics. The new module delivers fast and accurate pre- and post-op measurements for clinical and cosmetic lid surgeries. We’re offering $1000 off the purchase price of a Volk Eye Check plus a free Volk lens, valued up to $400.

    If you can’t make it to Vegas this year, you can still get dealt a winning hand - we’ll be honoring these show promotions on phone orders until Tuesday, November 17th. Call us at 1-800-345-8655 for more information.

  • Volk to Host Expert Sessions with Dr. Karl Brasse & Dr. David Tasker at AAO, Booth 4045

    Educational sessions and one-on-one discussions of laser vitreolysis and portable ophthalmic imaging techniques


    AAO 2015 is just around the corner and we’ve lined up a special treat for show visitors. We are hosting educational sessions in our booth with two leading physicians throughout the 4-day exhibition.  Dr. Karl Brasse of Vreden, Germany, will be on hand to discuss his experiences using the Idrees MidVitreous lens for treating post-capsulotomy vitreous floaters.  Dr. David Tasker, of San Antonio, Texas, will join Volk to educate Academy members on his use of the Pictor Plus handheld digital retina imager to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, as well as aiding in research. Both doctors will be offering educational info sessions, live demonstration, and one-on-one discussions. See below for times and details.


    KB photoBrasse Floater

    Dr. Karl Brasse - Laser Vitreolysis Techniques & Best Practices

    Get Dr. Brasse’s take on best practices in techniques and treatment of vitreous floaters and opacities:

    • Saturday, November 14th at 1:30 pm
    • Sunday, November 15th at 9:30 am
    • Sunday, November 15th at 1:30 pm


    Tasker, David I -Tasker 2 image

    Dr. David Tasker - Advances in Digital Ophthalmic Imaging

    Learn from Dr. Tasker how Volk’s Pictor Plus can be used to display patient anatomy in the exam room, improve outcomes and patient satisfaction in treating diabetic retinopathy, ROP, AMD, traumatic optic neuropathy, and more:

    • Saturday, November 14th 10:30 am – 12 pm; 1:30 pm – 3 pm
    • Sunday, November 15th 10:30 am – 12 pm; 1:30 pm – 3 pm
    • Sunday, November 15th at 1:30 pm

    Dr. Tasker will also be leading an Ophthalmology Resident Group Session at 9:30am on Monday, November 16th.

    Stop by the Volk booth ahead of time to sign up. Space is limited.

  • Uganda Photo Gallery Featured at AAO to Benefit IAPB & VISION2020

    Terry Cooper’s mission trip showcased with his beautiful photography

    In April 2015, Volk’s Regional Manager for Europe, Terry Cooper, participated in a 10 day charitable mission to Uganda with the Vision 2020 Links team. A passionate philanthropist and gifted photographer, Terry documented the trip in a series of moving photographs, many of which will be on display at Volk’s AAO booth, #4045. Visitors will have a chance to see his photos, hear about the mission from Terry himself, and if interested, make donations to the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness and the VISION2020 through


    The trip included clinics at the Mulago Referral Hospital in the capital city of Kampala, as well as at Ruharo Eye Centre, in the far more remote city of Mbarara. Terry assisted the Vision 2020 Links team and local practitioners in using Volk’s Pictor Plus handheld digital imager to carry out screenings for diabetic retinopathy and examinations under anesthetic of retinoblastoma patients.

    Terry documented the work of the team as well as the local sights and people he encountered on his trip. His work, which has also been featured multiple times by The Ophthalmologist (, provides a glimpse into the heart of the Ugandan people.


    During the April mission, the team was able to make a measurable impact on this underserved nation, were rates of childhood retinoblastoma are nearly twice that of the UK. But there is still much work to do globally to reduce preventable blindness. For this reason, Volk will be providing a QR code link to for visitors to easily make direct donations to fund this critical work.


    Visit Volk at AAO to view the gallery and learn how you can help.


    Read Terry’s dispatches from the field here and here:

  • Show Your True Colors with Colored Lens Rings

    Silver color option gets a new hue

    Volk’s colored lens ring options put a fun and practical twist on the exam tools you rely on every day. Custom colored lens rings mean you can:


    1. easily distinguish your lenses from those of your colleagues 2. identify one style of lens from another with just a quick glance 3. organize larger practices by color coding the lenses in each exam room


    Select Volk lenses are offered in a choice of gold, red, green, purple, blue, and a new, deeper silver finish. The new silver finish is a darker hue that makes the engraving that much easier to read.


    For a limited time, both silver options will be available. If you’re looking to complete a matched set of your existing silver lenses, or just like the classic silver look, order by the end of 2015 and specify the lighter silver color.

    Colored Lenses are available in the following styles:

    • Digital WideField®, Digital HighMag®, and Digital ClearField
    • 20D, 28D, and Pan Retinal® 2.2
    • 78D, 90D, Super66®, and Super Field®
  • Focus on Strabismus

    New tools for earlier diagnosis and better outcomes

    Early diagnosis and intervention in cases of strabismus are key to preventing vision loss. Unfortunately, as IRISS Medical Technologies’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Simon Barnard explains in a recent article, “Strabismus is often not obvious and requires skill in diagnosing it.”

    However, as Dr. Barnard goes on to explain, new technology is making it easier to quickly and objectively diagnose this misalignment of the eyes. The IRISS software technology that powers Volk Eye Check, a handheld measurement device providing 14 different ocular measurements to aid in fast, accurate diagnosis of strabismus and other eye abnormalities such as anisocoria, ptosis, and buphthalmos.


    About the size of a typical smart phone, the device is easy to use on small children who are used to having smart phone pictures taken in this day and age. The portable technology is simple enough for widespread use, resulting in more early diagnoses and referral for sight saving treatment.

    “It's currently used by optometrists,” explains Dr. Barnard, “but, in future, we hope it will be used by the health visitor or GP as a screening device.”

    Read the full article on

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