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  • Volk iNview Portable Ophthalmic Imager Now iPhone SE Compatible

    App upgrade provides SE support, better imaging; hardware upgraded with new optics


    Mentor, Ohio (June 21, 2016) – Volk Optical has upgraded its Volk iNview portable fundus camera, expanding the range of device compatibility to include the iPhone SE, while also improving both the app and internal optics for even better imaging. Volk iNview makes it easy to take high quality, wide-angle digital color fundus images for general visualization, patient education, referrals and record keeping.

    DSC_0257 copy Volk iNview for iPhone 6/6s

    Volk iNview’s indirect ophthalmoscopic lens attachment is compatible with iPhone® and iPod® devices, working in conjunction with the free Volk iNview app to take retinal images on dilated patients. The recent app upgrade provides support for the new iPhone SE, as well as improving the quality of images taken with any compatible device. The device’s custom double aspheric glass optics are optimized for use with Apple devices’ native cameras. These quality internal optics have recently been upgraded, yielding even brighter, sharper images. This improved visualization is especially helpful in patients with darker retinas.

    iNviewUpgradeRelease Optical image quality upgrade

    Volk iNview remains the easiest-to-use Apple-compatible fundus imaging device. The app’s auto-capture function takes a rapid series of images, running a proprietary algorithm to present a collection of the best-focused and defined images for review. A manual-capture option also allows experienced users more control over imaging.

    The latest app version is available for free download from the Apple App store (search “Volk iNview”). Volk is offering free upgrades of the lens attachment hardware to existing Volk iNview owners. Visit for more information.

    The Volk iNview works with iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, SE, and iPod Touch (Gen 6) models. A package system that comes with dedicated iPod is also available from Volk.


  • Eye Examiner: Dr. Paul Singh Discusses Laser Vitreolysis

    Eye Examiner Logo

    Welcome to “Eye Examiner” where we bring you the thoughts of leading physicians on the state of vision care, best practices and favorite Volk products.

    Today we bring you Dr. Inder Paul Singh, of the Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha. Throughout his ophthalmology career, Dr. Singh has been involved with clinical research, publishing papers in several ophthalmology journals, and presenting at various national meetings and universities. He has a passion for advancing education and technology. He was the first in Wisconsin to implant the iStent for the treatment of glaucoma. He has also pioneered the use of in-office lasers to remove visually significant floaters (vitreolysis). Below, he shares his thoughts on lens selection for the best visualization during vitreolysis procedures.


    To learn more about Volk's Idrees MidVitreous Lens for treatment of floaters, follow this LINK: Idrees MidVitreous Lens

  • Volk Optical Releases Software for Pictor Plus Portable Ophthalmic Imager

    Pictor Workstation streamlines digital image management with DICOM support for records integration Mentor, Ohio (June 8, 2016) – Volk Optical has released Pictor Workstation, increasing the power and convenience of its Pictor Plus handheld imager. The add-on software platform improves workflow, managing patient information and images taken with Volk’s Pictor Plus. Pictor Workstation makes it easier than ever to take and manage high resolution images of the retinal and anterior segments in any setting.

    Volk Pictor Plus Workstation
    Pictor Workstation streamlines digital image management with DICOM support for records integration.

    With wireless connectivity and DICOM file support, Pictor Workstation enables records management without immediate access to a desktop computer. Patient worklists can be set up and imported into the Pictor Plus camera. Image transfer via Wi-Fi or USB from the Pictor Plus camera to EMR or PACS is automated.

    Pictor Workstation is also a powerful standalone software for image management. Up to nine images can be displayed simultaneously for review and image comparison. Additionally, Pictor Workstation includes review tools to aid in diagnosis, including powerful color filters and contrast enhancements. Pictor Workstation is Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible.

    A free 60-day demo is available for Pictor Workstation. For more information, and to access the demo, visit, phone Volk direct at +1 440-942-6161, or contact your Authorized Volk Distributor.

  • Volk Optical Expands Single Use Lenses Family with Surgical BIO Lenses

    Volk®1 20D and 28D provide safe, convenient pre- and post-operative diagnosis and laser treatment

    Mentor, Ohio (April 13, 2016) – Volk®1 Single Use 20D and 28D Surgical BIO Lenses deliver glare-free, high resolution imaging with the safety of single use design. Volk1 Single Use lenses are convenient and sterile for surgical applications, including pre-and post-operative retinal imaging and LIO laser treatment.

    Volk1-logoV20LCD lens

    Volk1 BIO lenses are specifically designed for surgical use, with a broadband anti-reflective coating to reduce the distracting glare associated with reusable BIO lenses, which are often uncoated. The individual sterile packaging eliminates the risk of disease transmission via improperly sterilized lenses. Processing reusable medical equipment is cumbersome, with equipment, labor, and disinfectant disposal expenses outweighing the cost of single use medical devices.

    The Volk1 20D lens provides views of the optic disc and macula with a 3.3x image magnification, 45° / 58° field of view and .32x laser spot. The 54° / 70° field of view, 2.27x image magnification, and .44x laser spot of the Volk1 28D make it particularly well suited to wide field fundus exams, as well as small pupil diagnosis and treatment.

    V28LCD pouch lens 100 dpiV28LCD10 spread 100 dpi

    The Volk1 Surgical BIO lenses are an ideal pre- and post-operative complement to the Volk1 HR Single Use Direct Image Surgical Vitrectomy lenses. Volk1 Surgical BIO lenses come pre-sterilized, individually sealed in Tyvek pouches. For a limited time, Volk is offering a free sample pack of lenses for customer trial.

    For more information about Volk1 Single Use lenses and to request a free sample pack, visit, phone Volk direct at +1 440-942-6161, or contact your Authorized Volk Distributor.

  • Volk’s Terry Cooper Returns to Uganda

    Terry once again joins the 20/20 Links program on a mission to tackle preventable blindness


    For the past week, Terry Cooper (Volk’s Regional Sales Manager for Europe) has been on a personal charitable mission in Uganda, lending his ophthalmic instrument expertise and Volk equipment to the Vision 2020 Links Programme. The mission team, a group of ophthalmologists from the Royal Free Hospital in London lead by Ophthalmologist Clare Davey, is on a mission to reduce preventable blindness.




    This is Terry’s second trip to Uganda, having participated in a 2015 trip to Mulago Referral Hospital in the capital city of Kampala, as well as at Ruharo Eye Centre, in the more remote city of Mbarara. During that trip, Terry brought along the Volk Pictor Plus handheld digital imager, used by the medical team to screen for diabetic retinopathy and examinations under anesthetic of retinoblastoma patients.




    On the current, trip, the team has returned to Mulago Referral Hospital for diabetic screening clinics, as well as its pediatric cataract service, and its developing vitreoretinal surgery service. In addition, the team will hold an outreach clinic at the nearby Chances for Children orphanage, conducting eye exams on children who have never had access to this care before.




    The Volk equipment Terry will have along to aid in these efforts includes the Volk Pictor Plus for high quality, diagnostic retinal imaging and the new Volk iNview, which uses an iPhone to capture retinal images for general visualization, patient education, referrals and record retention.

    Nathan Little, Global Product Manager from Volk’s sister company Accutome, has also joined the team this trip. Nathan will bring a variety of Accutome’s portable diagnostic equipment including the B-Scan Plus, UBM Plus, Pachpen and Accupen. Light weight, portable, and battery- or a laptop-powered, the Accutome equipment is well suited to the mission’s remote locations.

    An important addition to this trip is a course on ‘Care and support of ophthalmic equipment' presented by Terry and Nathan.  Eye care equipment in hospitals in low and middle income countries can fall into disrepair and remain unused for long period of time. Often, this is due to lack of training specific to eye care equipment for the engineering staff who look after all of the medical equipment in the hospital. This one day course aims to remedy that situation and make sure that hospitals get the most out of their eye care instruments.




    Terry will be sending back dispatches from the field as he’s able and we’ll be documenting his trip. Like Volk on Facebook (LINK), or follow us on Twitter (LINK) or LinkedIn (LINK) to follow Terry’s journey.

    Read about Terry’s 2015 mission trip:,,

  • "Case Study: Plano Tinted Lens-Fitting” in Optician Magazine

    The latest issue of Optician Magazine features an article by Menachem Salasnik of Barnard Levit Optometrists (London, UK), explaining how he has used the Volk Eye Check to more easily fit tinted lenses on a patient with dyslexia. The case study illustrates how accurate vertical visible iris diameter(VVID) measurements provided by Volk Eye Check made it easier to determine the correct tint diameter that would completely cover the pupil and iris, without bleeding into white background of the sclera.


    Traditionally VVID measurements have been taken with a ruler, which can introduce subjectivity and margin for error. “Using the Volk Eye Check I was able to obtain accurate measurements of the VVID of this patient,” explains Salasnik.

    Read the full article at here:

  • Happy Valentine's Day - Free Lens Twitter Contest

    We’re running a contest over on Twitter @VolkOptical.  If you’re not already a follower, then follow us and retweet the original Valentine's Day tweet linked below and enter for your chance to win a free Volk lens (non-contact). The contest winner will be chosen at 3pm Monday, February 15th.

    Show Volk your love this Valentine's Day and we will show your ours!

  • Oculoplastics Module Added to Volk’s Eye Check Handheld Ocular Measurement Device

    Document MRD, aperture and pupils measurements for records and insurance reimbursement


    Mentor, Ohio (February 9, 2016) – Volk Optical has added a new Oculoplastics Mode to its Volk Eye Check portable ophthalmic exam tool. With this mode, the handheld Volk Eye Check provides fast, objective and accurate pre- and post-op measurements for clinical and cosmetic lid surgeries. The Volk Eye Check is simple to operate with automatic report generation for documentation.


    Volk Eye Check’s Oculoplastics Mode analyzes 26 datapoints in under one minute, providing precise binocular capture of measurements including:

    • MRD1 and MRD2, plus two additional points on each lid
    • Palpebral Aperture and aperture at limbus
    • Pupil diameter and iris diameter
    • Pupil eccentricity

    In addition, a grid scale provides a convenient way to measure and compare landmarks such as brow position, and Margin Crease Distance. Objective documentation of these characteristics is useful for insurance reimbursement, as well as providing “Before and After” evidence for patients and clinicians.


    The Volk Eye Check’s touch-screen interface is easily navigated for use by a technician, nurse or doctor. Its real-time, accurate and objective results eliminate inter-clinician variability to enable quick decision making. The single-page Oculoplastics patient report includes side by side comparison diagram, and list of measurement values. The PDF report can be exported over wifi to be appended to electronic medical records and submitted for insurance approval.


    In addition to the Oculoplastics Mode, the Volk Eye Check fully automates the analysis of ocular characteristics for general diagnosis in “Eye Check (EC)” Mode and for contact lens selection and fitting in “Contact Lens (CL)” Mode. The unit comes with a one year warranty and ongoing software upgrade support.


    The Oculoplastics Mode is included on all newly purchased Volk Eye Check devices. To upgrade a previously purchased Volk Eye Check, contact a Volk representative. Volk is currently offering a 30-day money-back guarantee of Volk Eye Check with Oculoplastics Mode, complete with training and ongoing support.


    For more information about Volk Eye Check’s Oculoplastics Mode visit, phone Volk direct at +1 440-942-6161, or contact your Authorized Volk Distributor.

  • Eye Examiner: Fitting Specialty Contact Lenses - Alex Levit

    Eye Examiner Logo

    Volk is starting a new series of “Eye Examiner” posts, getting the thoughts of physicians on the state of vision care, best practices and favorite Volk products. Our first post features Alex Levit BSc (Hons) FCOptom (CL CVP)of Barnard Levit Optometrists (, a fellow of the College of Optometrists specializing in contact lenses and children’s visual problems. In addition to patient care, research and lecturing duties, he has developed a unique contact lens design and fitting system for Keratoconus (ALK™system) and provides optometric expert medico-legal and consulting services to contact lens manufacturers. Below, he shares his thoughts on the Volk Eye Check.


    How has the Volk Eye Check's Contact Lens (CL) Mode changed the way you conduct a contact lens examination?

    The Volk Eye Check provides essential information which streamlines the decision-making process in the contact lens fitting process.

    My ability to communicate the information provided by the Volk Eye Check report directly to the manufacturer optimizes the process by which custom contact lenses are ordered, designed, manufactured and supplied.

    I'm therefore able to devote more time to the physical eye examination, and, based on the information in the VEC report, discuss with patients the most appropriate options for them. Patients become an integral part in the decision-making process.




    What measurements does Volk Eye Check’s CL mode provide that you cannot acquire through traditional CL exam approaches? Which measurements are most important to you?

    All measurements provided by the Volk Eye Check may in principle be acquired by one method or another; the problem is that the acquisition of these measurements is very time-consuming. Additionally, it is a well-known fact that subjective measurements are inherently inaccurate and suffer from not only inter-practitioner, but also intra-practitioner, variability.

    As the Volk Eye Check is deskilled enough to be performed by clinical assistants, there is no burden on professional time and all the measurements are objective and highly repeatable.

    Regarding the importance of measurements, all measurements are important for different uses. For example horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID) and corneal SAG are key measurement for all types of contact lens fitting considerations and calculations. Pupil metrics are essential for the design of the contact lens optical power profile in rigid and soft multifocal lenses. Eyelid position is important in rigid gas permeable translating multifocal lens design and fitting.




    Volk Eye Check’s Best Fit Analysis feature produces a customized report of all of the possible standard and specialty CLs available for each patient. Why is this feature important to you and how has it helped you fit CLs better?

    Almost 30% of eyes would benefit from custom-made contact lenses, the Best Fit Analysis identifies these eyes and in this respect it is not only an invaluable time-saving tool but also an aid in quality decision-making, which improves fitting outcomes.

    When fitting standard contact lenses, it is good to know that these lenses are appropriate in eyes with standard measurements. It is also good to know when these lenses might not perform optimally so that patients can be informed in advance.

    In custom lens fitting, the provision of all the row data and information to contact lens manufacturers enables them to design and manufacture contact lenses which are truly customized to patient's eyes, delivering outstanding results with minimal time demands through trial and error.




    How has the CL mode for Volk Eye Check impacted the bottom line of your practice?

    The considerable time saving has a direct effect on the bottom line. The fitting and supply of specialty products has substantial economic benefits due to increased profitability from specialty products sales, patient's loyalty, practice buildup through recommendations, and reduced loss of market share to the nonprofessional entities such as Internet providers.



    Have you experienced a positive change in the dropout rate of CL patients after using Volk Eye Check?

    I personally did not have a chance to audit dropout rates since using the Volk Eye Check, but it is clear that this technology improves the quality of contact lens practice from the clinical perspective, which must have a beneficial effect on dropout rates.

    It is also important to point out that patient’s participation in the decision-making process during their contact lens experience has enormous benefits as patients better understand and appreciate the intricacy and complexity of contact lens practice and are empowered to become an integral part of this process.


    EXPERT:       Alex Levit, BSc (Hons) FCOptom (CL CVP) ADDRESS:  Zamenhof House, 58 Clifton Gardens, London NW11 7EL EMAIL: WEBSITE:

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